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Screw Forming Machine, Heading Machine, Thread Rolling Machine, Slotting Machine, Screw Point Cutting Machine Drill Point Dies, Thread Rolling Dies
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Screw head  Slotting Machine

Material: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel

Product Detail: Unlike conventional sindle-citter Slotting models that usually leave metal chips on the screw at the operation direction after Slotting, this double-cutter model performs milling with the first cutter, while the second cutter removes metal chips left after the previous processing, maintaining screw cleanliness and increasing the added value of the processed screws. Double-cutter Turret: The first cutter(top cutter)i sdriven by a com. The second cutter(bottom cutter)swings from from left to right as a rotating center to allow the first cutter to perfron curve slotting. The second cutter then trims the slot flat and removes metal chips(the slotting depth of the first cutter can be adjusted by the left top handle.)